Rape and Death Penalty: How to Lose in Politics and Life

Yesterday, I wrote about the horrendous murder of a young woman. You may find the relevant details about the issue with a simple Google search. I also mentioned the people’s eagerness to call for death penalty whenever they feel like it. This part of my comments will be all about death penalty, and why we would be the ones to lose if it was ever brought back. Continue reading “Rape and Death Penalty: How to Lose in Politics and Life”

Young Woman Killed and Burned. Here is Why

Violence against women is not specific to collectivist or conservative cultures, but it sure is easier for such cases to attract false justification in a country like Turkey. Recently, a 20-year-old student was killed and her body was burned by the murderers. The details are in this article. I have no idea who prepared the picture below, but I will translate each quote and explain them when necessary. Continue reading “Young Woman Killed and Burned. Here is Why”

Balancing Madness: Terrorism, Dictatorships and Honesty

Talking about the other sides of the issues before we speak our minds makes us look cute. Respecting the dead without a reason makes us look considerate. Mentioning something, some definitely important issue that might be remotely relevant makes us look consistent in our logic. Boom! We are now legitimate, objective and cute. Most importantly, we are people who can clearly see what other’s can’t even imagine. We are definitely cool to be approaching this particular issue in this particular way. Yet, everyone does so. Speaking the speakable has always been a dishonest trend that damages the fight for freedom of speech, and makes it harder for the rest of us who might want to be completely honest for once. Continue reading “Balancing Madness: Terrorism, Dictatorships and Honesty”

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