Microeconomics Lecture Notes – Summary (EN)

I prepared these lecture notes a few years ago. The notes are not complete, or detailed. If you have a microeconomics class, you can use these to get a basic understanding of the issues thought in your class.

Notes are based on the book “Microeconomic Analysis – Third Edition” by Hal R. Varian (this is actually what the chapter numbers in the file are all about), which was used for intermediate level microeconomics courses at Koç University for some years. I have no idea what they are using now, but these will do for the basics.



Summarized notes for courses like “introduction to economics”, “calculus” and “statistics” might/might not come in the following months.

I also do not have time to translate this one. If anyone offers to translate it for me (and for the good of the public), please reach me via the e-mail address below (you will be responsible for the mistakes you make on the translation (to any language), and I will not be able to pay you anything, as the thing is already pro bono).

P.S.: The notes are not edited, so a few typos and mistakes can come up, they generally do not seem to create confusions about the subjects. If you see any mistake about anything (content, spelling, format, etc.), please reach me.

Hope this helps.