Current Patriarchal Values Associated with neo-Ottomanism in Turkey

I have been following up on the comments of European and American columnists on many events happening in Turkey for the last few years. As far as I understand, everyone in the “west” is insistent on making the same mistake over and over again. In principle, I do not hold anything against orientalism; however, like everything else, “too much” of it harms the depth of the perception. The mistake I am writing about now is that every non-Turkish, typically western opinion on Turkey revolves around religion vs. democracy. They are right in some aspects, but most of the comments lack depth in knowledge and interpretation. I will take the liberty of differentiating between an Islamic state and a Muslim state for now. As much as I do not like the expression “Muslim state” either, this will help me explain some of the misunderstood issues. Continue reading “Current Patriarchal Values Associated with neo-Ottomanism in Turkey”

Yet Another Lie Exposed in Turkey

After the beginning of the Gezi Park protests, many claims piled up on national media. They were mostly harsh comments about the protesters’ “real” intentions and very controversial allegations. These claims by government officials and media organizations aligned with the government almost never turned out to be true, however, they caused the pro-government people to go out in the streets and attack the peaceful protesters, police to shout “Allah Allah”* while beating up protesters, about eight thousand people injured, 7 young people dead. Let’s look at some significant examples. Continue reading “Yet Another Lie Exposed in Turkey”

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