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Twitter Network Analysis and Visualisation with Netlytic and Gephi 0.9.1 – tutorial

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COSMIC – Report on Citizens’ Involvement in Emergency Communication (Report)

COSMIC – Report on Citizen Involvement and Ethics (Report)

Citizens’ involvement in emergency preparedness and response: A comparative analysis of media strategies and online presence in Turkey, Italy and Germany (Journal Article)

The Illusion of Opposition on Turkish Twitter (Blog Post – Work in Progress)

The Illusion of Opposition on Turkish Twitter – Continued (Blog Post – Work in Progress)

Türkiye’de Kriz Yönetimi ve Haber Bekleyen Vatandaş Çaresizliği (Blog Post – in Turkish)

Twitter’daki Leyla Zana Tartışmasında Öne Çıkanlar – Sosyal Ağ Analizi (Blog Post – in Turkish)

Sultanahmet’ten Ne Öğrendim: Yüzeysel Twitter İncelemesi (Blog Post – Work in Progress – in Turkish)

Concepts, Fields and Methods

Crisis Communication, Crisis Management, Network Science, Network Analysis, Social Networks, Graph Theory, Data Mining, Data Visualisation, Network Visualisation



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Node XL



How Does Misinformation Spread Online?

Mining the Social Web

20+ Free and Open Source Social Network Analysis Software

How to Visualize Your Twitter [Friends] Network

Book: Introduction to Graph Theory (Amazon link)

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