Brace Yourself: Turks and the Internet

As a Turk myself, I encounter loads of seriously disturbed logic on the Internet. Seriously disturbed people are everywhere, on every platform and in every country, but in Turkey, they are much more into the Internet. So, I hereby declare that:

I will never, ever take idiots seriously. As long as it is about me, and me only, I will not respond to insults in any way, including filing a legal complaint about them.

I am very comfortable with my existence. It does not have any effect on my when you say: “you don’t know shit!” Because I never said I did. I am not your brother or your friend. I do not make promises to you, I do not have to satisfy you in any way. You do not have to like me. You do not have to read what I write. If you do not want to be exposed to my knowledge, or ideas, there is the fucking button. Click on that motherfucker.

Some examples of sick behavior:

“I don’t like your ideas, they really disturb me. Umm… So, I should start a campaign to mark you as spam.”

The spam thing does not work that way, buddy. You did not even understand what spam is.

“You are cursing too much, be polite and behave.”

Being polite and behaving like a saint is not a “must”, it is a kindness. No one has to be kind to any other person. We behave, because we want to be treated well ourselves. I, personally have no such concerns. What did you do for me? Did you ever buy me a drink? Did you pay my bills? Do I know you and like you as a dear friend? You have no effect on my life, you are no use to me in any way, and I am not talking directly to you. When I “publish” something on the Internet, it is open. Take it, or leave it. Why should I write “that lady over there seems to have an exquisite posterior”, instead of “DAT ASS!” just so that you could be okay with it? Life does not work that way. You cannot dictate anything you feel, or think as a universal truth. We are all adults (if you are not, go to bed, why are you reading this thing?), we all know what “ass”, “cock”, “shit”, etc. mean. Why are we lying to ourselves? Come on! Don’t tell me you have never watched porn?

“Why are you writing about serious issues while there’s sun outside, great weather? It’s the weekend! Have fun, you are killing my energy and happiness!”

I am sorry my good sir, I just forgot the fact that I live on this great planet to be your servant. I forgot my duty to make you happy, and always talk about the things you love. I sincerely apologize.

“So, you say you don’t like this country. THEN FUCK OF YOU DIPSHIT MOTHERFUCKER! LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!”

It is exactly “none of your business”, buddy. Buy my plane tickets, give me a few thousands of dollars or euros monthly for a few years, until I get settled. I promise, I will be off, and will never come back. This mistake is mostly done by nationalists and racists (basically the same thing, though). We do not have to like the country. The important thing is our rights and freedoms. So, we will fight to death to point out the problems with the country, if we need to. And believe me, we need to. Believe me, I did not choose to be here. I was born here, to an average Turkish family. I am in no condition to take off whenever I want. I am not a billionaire, and I do not care about what you think. I will not go anywhere just because you don’t want me here. This is my country, as much as it is yours. And as much as I do not care, I need to explain: we cannot control our emotions. If I say I don’t like apples, you can’t say “you must love them”. I did not choose to hate this country, it is my emotion. Even if we be an idiot and assume there is a guilt, it is not mine. If I don’t like it, I just don’t. There is nothing I can do about it.

All in all, I am not here to satisfy anyone. I am here (on the Internet) to express myself. I am always open to criticism, let if be constructive, or destructive, I do not care. If you are not dumb enough to think that the reason for my existence is my duty to satisfy your ignorance and idiocy, I will respond to you in the same manner. I respond to the different, I respond to the crazy, and I respond to the unfortunate. However, I never respond to the idiot. Being an idiot is not your fault, but constantly trying to let people know about your idiocy is.


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